Enroll in Medicareplan

Applying for Medicare can seem like a rite of passage or a benchmark in a lifetime.

Medicare is the U.S. health insurance program for people 65 years old and over or those with certain health conditions. 

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The process is pretty streamlined and easy to maneuver. Here, we break down how you can apply for the various parts of Medicare and when you should begin.

If you’re not automatically enrolled, you’ll need to apply for original Medicare (parts A and B) and any additional coverage you want. Your enrollment period will depend on several factors, including your employment status and the types of coverage you want.

You have several ways to enrolled in Medicare:

Enroll in original Medicare

Before you begin the process of enrolling in Medicare parts A and B, you might consider what kind of Medicare coverage you ultimately need.

Enroll in Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage, or Medicare Part C, is a private bundled health insurance plan. It offers the same coverage as parts A and B.It often provides prescription coverage.

Enroll in Medicare Part D

Enrollment in Medicare Part D is not automatic for anyone. If you decide you want prescription drug coverage, you’ll need to select and purchase a Medicare Part D plan.

Enroll in Medicare online

The Medicare application on the Social Security website allows you to apply completely online. In most cases, you won’t need to sign anything or send in any supporting documents.