Disadvantages of Medicare

These plans may also have some disadvantages compared to original Medicare….

While most people are satisfied with their Medicare Advantage coverage, these plans may also have some disadvantages compared to original Medicare.

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If you choose one of the more popular Medicare Disadvantage plan types, you may be limited in the providers you can see. You will usually face higher fees if you choose to an out-of-network provider with these plans.

Using Medicare’s find a plan tool, you’ll see that there are many Medicare Disadvantage plan options depending on your ZIP code. For some people, all these options can feel overwhelming.

Disadvantages of Medicare Advantage

Limited service providers

Other plan types do give you more provider freedom, though those plans may have higher premiums and fees like copays and deductibles.

Complex plan offerings

Check out our Tips for Choosing a Medicare Disadvantage Plan article to help you narrow down which Medicare disadvantage plans for you.

Additional costs for coverage

Medicare disadvantage plans often consolidate these costs, but you may notice additional fees. For example, many Medicare disadvantage plans include drug deductibles and specialist visit copays.

State-specific coverage

Original Medicare offers the same coverage across the United States. However, Medicare disadvantage plans may only offer specific coverage in specific service areas.